Student Internship

The Woodlands School of Massage Therapy provides low-cost therapeutic massage to the public with student therapists who are enrolled in our professional Massage Therapy Training Program.

Student therapist massage is $35 per 1 hour session.
A 1 hour session is typically 50 minutes of hands-on therapeutic massage with 10 minutes allowed for the client to get on and off the massage table.

In accordance with Texas State Law, TIPPING IS NOT ALLOWED. Even thought Massagebook might prompt you for a tip, LEAVE NO TIP. Please honor this regulation, as it is strictly enforced.

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Student Internship Schedule:  Internship massages are currently OPEN for booking.

NOTE: Each client must be scheduled under his or her own name. Do not use your name to schedule an appointment for someone else. If one person has two separate appointments booked under their name at the same time period , we will cancel one of the appointments without refund. Documentation must be kept separate for each client.  Please fill out intake forms and sign consents online if you have not already done so. Thank you for your participation and for supporting our students as they prepare to graduate and move into their new careers.

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